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Hatha Flow

  • 1 hour
  • 25 US dollars

Service Description

Immerse yourself in a transformative one-hour Hatha Yoga experience centered on the profound interplay of breath, mind, and body. Through a sequence of gentle asanas, pranayama techniques, and mindfulness practices, this class guides participants to synchronize breath with movement, fostering a deep connection within. Each pose is an invitation to explore alignment and stability while the breath remains a constant anchor, drawing awareness inward. Emphasis is placed on cultivating mindfulness and presence, enabling practitioners to observe thoughts and sensations without judgment. Suitable for all levels, this session offers a sanctuary to explore the transformative power of breath, nurturing a profound sense of balance and tranquility both on and off the mat.

Cancellation Policy

All class cards are non refundable and non transferable. No extensions beyond expiration date. Virtual Class Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your class through your account at any time up until class time on your own. In Person Cancellation Policy: Up to 12 hours, you may late cancel through your account without penalty. Within 12 hours of your scheduled class, there is no late cancellation and the class will be deducted from your class pack. Please be sure you can attend before registering in advance or adhere to the policies above.

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